Trindade is the first town of Rio de Janeiro after Ubatuba, marking the border with the state of São Paulo and the early city of Paraty. It is a village of fishermen who depend on activities such as tourism, fishing and crafts to survive.


Composed by the beaches Brava, Cepilho, Cachadaço, Praia de Fora, Rancho and Meio, trails and waterfalls. Being an exciting place as it is, many people have joined trindadeira big family, so that the population has grown considerably in recent years: part of the Serra da Bocaina National Park, the area is preserved now by ICMBIO (Chico Mendes Institution of Biodiversity Preservation).


Its story, however, is far from peaceful as the beaches we visit today. In the 60s, multinationals have tried to turn the place into a luxury residential condominium. They tried to cheat the community with false contracts and even carry armed guards and former inmates in order to terrify and scare the residents; the schools had burned; the families expelled and the children forced to leave their studies to fight. A period that will be marked forever in the memory and hearts of the native population that live there.


Fortunately, with the help of hippies, intellectuals and independent artists, the fight has won and the heritage preserved, keeping Trindade the wonderful and exuberant nature place it always has been.


+55 (24) 3371-5163


Rua do Horto, 170


+55 (24) 3371-5163

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